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Tuesday 9 February 2021

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Term 1 2021

Kia ora e te whānau, the term has started and thank you to parents and students who came in yesterday for goal setting day which enabled our studio staff to meet you face to face. 

Year 7 parents your child's next hurdle is navigating friendships, the workload and expectations of a senior student at Rāwhiti School.

The only way we've found as staff is for students to have a go at every opportunity available to them as they crop up during the year. e.g. swimming, gymnastics, PCT challenge, fitness as well as academic work. 

In Tangaroa our primary goal is to establish and build relationships with each child as learning flows when the student 'feels' comfortable in the work environment. The next two weeks will be relationship and friendship building, with teachers, parents and students getting to know each other.

As stated in yesterday's brief our Kaiawhina groups are for grouping only and not necessarily teaching groups. Teaching groups will be sorted out after week 2. 

Please encourage your child to have a go, be a risk taker and just to go for it!

If you need to talk to us, just email or contact and make an appointment.,,,

Ngā mihi

Team Tangaroa 

Reminder Dates:

Please bring swimming togs every day this term. Term 1  & 4, school hats worn. Name all gear.

3 February- Mihi Whakatau 9:15am, School Lunches start.

8 February -Public Holiday, Waitangi Day, School Closed

10 February- Pasifika Group start, new tutor Mr Albany Peseta. 2pm-3pm, Kelly Sports start(gymnastics)

10 February-Tangaroa Pool Party 3pm-4:30pm

29 March-10 am-3pm Tangaroa studio Tumahana Concert(1-2pm), leaving at 10am to use this time to look at 'Belonging' concepts in the CBD, museum, art gallery, and places of interest that would appeal to groups of people. Parent help required for this day if you're available please contact us.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Jellie Park Health Notice

 Kia ora koutou

Jellie Park next Friday 4 December, Depart 9:30am, students in mufti, bring lunch, drink, togs & towel, sunblock, sunhat, sun glasses and some pocket money.

Sunblock is very important for students whose skin is easily burnt by the sun and this can have long term repercussion for the future. The Rāwhiti Staff who go to the pool encourage students to apply sunblock throughout the day. This works if all students recognise that they need sunblock to protect their skin.

This lesson could be supported from home by parents/caregivers over the next week before going to Jellie Park. Please help use keep our tamariki safe in the sun. 

Depart Jellie Park 2:30pm back to school by 3pm.

Friday 6 November 2020

Athletics Day Blog-Poppy Evans


This week on Monday we did athletics.

Us year seven girls and the year five girls did athletics together, it was super fun for many reasons. I got to see some of my old friends from last year, and I also met some of the new year fives that have come here to Rāwhiti School.

In athletics I did long distance, high Jump, sprints, shot put, discus, Middle Distance and relays. There might have been a few more but I can't remember them. I actually did quite a lot better in all of them based on what I thought how good I was gonna do.

Let’s talk about how it all went.

Alright so high jump. I thought I could have done a bit better but it started off really high, and also I was cold so that just puts me right into uh oh mode. It started at about maybe almost one metre. That's about two thirds of my height! Well maybe about that if my math was about right.

Long jump, it was amazingly fun. I also re-met some of my old friends from last year. I actually got into zones! I came fifth place! I actually tied with somebody else. I can’t remember what I got but it must have been pretty far to get into the zones.

Middle distance, I actually did so much better than I thought. I got into zones for fourth place. I was going to run with two of my friends, but they are really fast runners faster than me. Yeah they took off, so I started running with another friend and she's about my speed, so thats went pretty well. We actually got around to the first lap and we found our paste. We would run most of the track and then walk a little bit and then run again.

Then the rest of them I didn’t do the best. Well actually I couldn’t do relays, because I couldn’t get into a team.

Poppy Evans